Saturday, December 5, 2009

HAHA its me AGAIN i'm sleepy and tired! but must wait for my hair to dry -.- lousy right. LOL anyways I'M REALLY TIRED TDAY spent the entire day out. FIRST I LIKE TO THANK HENG PAM YJ MEL SERENE BRENDAN GABRIEL FOR EATING CLASS LUNCH. COS IT WAS DAMN FUNNY ^^ hahas then DANCING MIROTIC was a huge BLAST cos the teacher recap the CHORUS part which i missed the last tyme HAHA then really really A BIG THANKYOU TO PAMMY who went there early to help me out in the dance xDD LOVE YOU PAM! hahas and then MIROTIC ROCKS! those who didnt go YOUR LOSS. BLEAHHH :D
LASTLY: HAPPY BIRTHDAY TO TAN YAN YU. :DD you always have us! so recover soon and return to canoe! ^^ hahas. fun and tired with the best part being ABLE to talk freely XD shall end this post here. OMG is this long MUAHAS


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