Sunday, May 29, 2011

today was a great day again! i woke up alive at 12.30 hehehe dad's not nagging at me. awwww had a blast with jie last night. ICE CREAM!! <: thinking of it makes me desire for more xD OH GOD i love crapping with jie AND next time i'll so pay for you! xp always always making me owe money! pfffft. Waaaa maybe next time save go kbox tgt! since she's going taiwan soon :D too bad no suju to stalk there HAHAHAHA. i'm loving my family which is growing?!?! OMG! hahaha three daughters and one brother, one son-in-law, one dad, one annoying doggy and then one god daughter?!?! xD thank god no one questions the link or i also dont know how to answer. But it was fun playing around and relaxing just for a while. My conversations with woody green are also getting super fun. (HORNY?!) lately not me i mean HAHAHAH assuming what i think is correct anw. stupidity is sometimes a welcomed shield since he hides behind that BLUR image i cant do anything abt him ^^v oh well. i've gotten addicted to this sign!!! something mel pointed out today not that i can do anything abt it hohoho. today's post is long *stretches* i'm in an extremely generous mood now. kekeke just having random conversations with rabbit makes me want to laugh at the phone -.- stupid later my sis think i'm crazy xD just pointed it out to her that she's laughing to the comp :p so much for trying to get her to spill the beans on things she's not telling hehehe nvm i dont care much :) just the fact that she's happy with tery is good enough for me. xD THATS IT! I'M ENDING THIS IN ONE MORE SENTENCE.

ps: no place is heaven without you, just like how hell is heaven when you're by my side :D

goodnight bloggy!
hehehehe caroline here going crazy!!!

Wednesday, May 25, 2011

i'm actually quite tired today :D been so long since i posted xD i have been messaging quite alot lately. totally benefitting with the unlimited sms XD gosh i hate to make major decisions. wtf is wrong with life? i'm slowly changing my perspective of life and i know its my own fault. I'm slowly growing bored of the daily waking up working going out routine. not that the company isn't enjoyable. Just that i want to do sth spectacular :D i'm very demanding i know. Jogged today with toki. more like crapping session though XD oh well its great to actually act on my decision to exercise today i've been getting out of shape ): WAHAHAHA the other day i was shopping with dar~ maybe i'll go again another day. i saw a few things i wanted XD more dresses? though my wardrobe is full of them :p doesn't mean that i'll stop shopping though hehehe. i think i'll accept nus afterall. 1 year w/o life. i can handle that. just fucking get through that i'll be fine i hope.

Ps: missing a certain someone right now. make a smart guess?

Thursday, May 12, 2011


i have a freaking fetish with this sign lately ^^v stupid sibyl being the one to use it on me first. HAHA but i loveeeeee the moments with her like super relaxed and laidback. i likey~ met yy for lunch today! and i was lateeeeeeeeee thanks to a certain member of mine today. Xp Was stranded at esplanade yesterday when i was on my way to mbs ): HAHAHA in the end jasper had to take a bus down to esplanade to find me. FAIL i know ^^v but at least i had haagen-dazs! yup mostly catching up. super random stuff happened when i was at City Hall, a woman walked up to me and asked me whether i wanted to try modelling. -.- like wtf obviously i'm alr working right since i'm only there at 6 plus. In case you're interested the name is CreateTalents & models go google it somewhere. i have the namecard so contact me if interested. LOL. Two of my colleagues got together like FINALLY! i knew they were interested in each other! ^^v feels nice to be one of those first to know. Thanks guys! especially my daughter! have to be happy kay! though i'm unhappy abt the bridal gifts HAHAHA. will be looking forward to the weekends (it's freaking packed!) :D

ps: i hope i find someone that doesnt mind the way i look :D

Friday, May 6, 2011

Celebrating facebook! CHEERS

hehehe it's a lame topic but i'm tired and full :D the worst combination. HAHAHAHA i loveeeeeeeeeee today =D saw jiejie in suchhhhhhhhhhhhhh a long time. HAH i met rabbit on last sun. yy on last fridayyyy and tw on the mahjong so DAMN good to see jie again. EVENTS are fucking hard to plan i realised. ppl will tell you they cant go and its some here some there. :p but i love to get together just chill and talk xD maybe i should get a car to mbs on a side note HEHE. In any case. I dont feel the need to dwell on unhappy things awwww, today was fun keke~ FB is freaking nice to use for coordinating and for communicating with friends! BUT its sad because most of the guys online are gone. NS HAHHAHA. i feel evil laughing while they're suffering but i'll be wishing for their good health and that they can endure the training well (: JIAYOU GUYS! yeahhhh

ps: NTU SENT THAT SNAIL MAIL ALR! YAY!!! now i have to choose which course and school i want. NUS OR NTU?! i'll still be doing engineering. But different kinds of engineering. wahahaha. i'm sleepy. GOODNIGHTY BLOGGIE!

Monday, May 2, 2011

You know i think you should stop finding pretty excuses for yourself and just speak the fucking truth. Stop being so hypocritical in front of others. It's not as if people really dont know abt you. You dont even want to bloody try so just stop what you're doing. IT IS FREAKING ANNOYING. Of course, you'll pick people who DONT know that side of you. BUT eventually they'll know. Keep hiding your true self. ITS PLAIN PATHETIC. I'm really sad for you right now. Sad because i didnt realise it earlier. If i did i wouldnt have bothered even talking to you.

Everyone is appearance oriented. its not as if i didnt know that. So instead of being such a fake bitch just go get yourself a bf if you're jealous. I'm sorry i sound like a bitch myself but go get a life, instead of lying your way through everything. I rest my case here. I hope your life will improve for the better.

Sunday, May 1, 2011


awww stupid title but im bored so cant help it ^^ HAHAHAHA i'm going to keep it short XD i really think it has been a long time since i laughed so crazily with that old bunch of people. 19 yrs old and NEOPRINT HAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA the funniest part was trying to squeeze into the screen. With that much ppl. But it was fun. Spam pictures AS USUAL ♥ fun to chill and just talk with them. XD yeah and i WAS late for swimming. sorry toki. Had to go get a replacement for that EXPIRED dumb card then i rushed like mad. Anyway swimming was a blast!!! all the funniest things happen during swimming. At least we hit more than 10 laps. Nearing 20 i guess! i ♥ gossiping during swimming and we both agreed pamela is pretty :D heh heh i'm waiting patiently for my pay. yeah! off i go! short and sweet! XD

Saturday, April 30, 2011


HAHA i am truly. But its good not bad. Today was damn fun♥ went blading SUPPOSEDLY with my colleagues BUT we ended up cycling. Sorry Jess!! not on purpose :p heh heh. But it was soooooooo funny went on a double bike with jess. ITS BEEN SO FREAKING LONG I RODE ON ONE. ♥ awwww and i went on one with my daughter ^^ i liked the air the wind and the atmosphere at ECP. gosh and i didnt realise my daughter acts drunk when hungry! Pack me in a bag and bring me to buffet. HAHAHAHA. Its strange we cant tell when a rat jokes or lie cos he has a freaking serious look. LOL

I'm soooooo sorry i haven been writing bloggie ): i went drinking the other day with the family. xD AND someone failed the dare. LOL But its fun. Everything said will remain as a fond memory (: shall not disclose it here. I LOVE YOU GUYS. including desert at nydc and the girls night out (:

Ps: I seriously NEED and LACK sleep. so goodnight! dont miss me! XD