Sunday, May 1, 2011


awww stupid title but im bored so cant help it ^^ HAHAHAHA i'm going to keep it short XD i really think it has been a long time since i laughed so crazily with that old bunch of people. 19 yrs old and NEOPRINT HAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA the funniest part was trying to squeeze into the screen. With that much ppl. But it was fun. Spam pictures AS USUAL ♥ fun to chill and just talk with them. XD yeah and i WAS late for swimming. sorry toki. Had to go get a replacement for that EXPIRED dumb card then i rushed like mad. Anyway swimming was a blast!!! all the funniest things happen during swimming. At least we hit more than 10 laps. Nearing 20 i guess! i ♥ gossiping during swimming and we both agreed pamela is pretty :D heh heh i'm waiting patiently for my pay. yeah! off i go! short and sweet! XD


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