Tuesday, April 12, 2011

Information overload!

Ok actually i'm quite tired today. :D But i'm satisfied! And pleased with myself. I LOVE the job environment but not the information! Cannot absorb! Haha! but i'll learn! Slowly bit by bit. My leg hurts, my eyes are closing but my heart is healthy! xD i love all the seniors there! they're all so nice! And i like my colleagues too! I got shocked yesterday and today because people who dont usually talk to me did so (on many circumstances) Thanks guys! XD i appreciate your concern. I miss miss miss my ex classmates as well as the girls. It felt like monthes not seeing them again except for that hyperactive rabbit that likes carrots :D HAHAHA. Got my staff pass today btw. Had a HUGE laugh with my colleagues abt it but not revealing it here. OHO i was attached to ASH today ^^ pokemon! xD HAHA there's still lots of people i need to rmb i cant rmb the names! HAHA need to match with the face. Someone with superhuman memory come help me~ heh heh. Did i say i want to swim soon? Oho i didnt. i'm swimming on sunday. :D i hope i can make it to the class chalet. Dont want to let down those people there. Today should be the last day he replies. He's leaving for holiday. HAHA *inside joke* SPONSOR ME NEXT TIME hor~ just kidding.

ps: Police? security? AIYA! dont know the name! sooooooo hot on the train HAHAHA. SHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHH dont expose me. ^^

i really love the feeling of being alive. :D


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