Monday, April 4, 2011


i'm tired ^^ but in a good way. today i went to tanjong pagar to get my timesheet and to fill me employment stuff. they say i'll get paid bi weekly. good for me since i'm really broke. i dont know what came over me but now my hair is red brown and black. though the red is not so obvious. :D i didn't understand how i managed the train rides. I WAS PRACTICALLY ROTTING OMFG. yeah thank god my sis was there. OHO did i mention the both of us didnt eat breakfast nor lunch and we were starving in the train?! HAHA yeah. She needed to get her concession card and so we went to hougang. Ate there i think we wouldnt survive if we didnt xD anw we went to nex to get my shoes for work. GL must be covered shoes. yup i'm missing my v v v relaxed sec sch life and i dont want to get older! OMG JULY PLEASE DONT COME. *stomps around* HAHA i have to say the idiot i am i just had to spend near 60 bucks to highlight my hair AND the deal is it doesn't look any different from the back. though my fringe is now reddish brown. -.- NO REGRETS though now all my fav colours are my hair colour. Someone go get the same colour as me!

ps: yesterday i saw sth i wanted. shall go back to buy when i get my pay. AND MY MOM IS VICIOUS. she said the day i get my pay we're going jack's place to eat. ON MY TAB. pfffft just wait till i get my paycheck!

WORLD I LOVE YOU! though you're like me, imperfect



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