Thursday, December 23, 2010


HAHAHAHAHAHA as the title indicates ^^ yesterday night was the wedding dinner xD it was supposed to start at 7 but well they dont ususally start punctually for it right? anw my cousin was freaking pretty in the wedding dresses WHITE!!! AND PURPLE!!!! well she suits purple xD i would have taken pictures if not for that dumb phone of mine -.- HAHA both my sis and i wore black keke~ should i go see if she has posted the pic on fb? oh well leave that for later. i HAD a blast drinking red wine as well 5 glasses and the waiter is i think a sinister person refilling???! ah well anw i think i am going crazy with this phone of mine!!!!!!!!!!! OH OH OH!!! and bowling that day plus korean food with dar yy and rabbit was fun. XD i really wish there were more opportunities to play again but hais WHY ARE OUR SCHEDULES SO MESSY?!?!!
okayy signing off with this ^^


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