Tuesday, December 15, 2009


here to blog again before i start homeworking ((:
12 dec
AS shown in the photos went to orchard for the purpose to buy someone's present -.- damn late btw. xDD then ended up mass camwhoring took abt 30 pics? some i didnt upload :P lazyy plus sister got alot of unglam pics ^^ so yupp :DD then i think i bought tank tops. spent abt 30? HAHA then ice cream! i wont forget that -.- sib was lyk i want ice cream!! HAHA hmm then we ate dinner at soup spoon where i ordered -.- -.- -.- WE CANT FINISH TWO BOWLS OF SOUP(LOL) after dinner we took train to bishan ^^ bought bread for daddy and mommy xDD HAHA then nothing much le lazyyy to continue xD
14-15 dec
class chalet :DD didnt sleep for the night :D stayed up playing mahjong -.- (i just started learning) then the some of them played with yj's xbox -.- -.- -.- -.- -.- :D LOL hmmm i wont forget they walked out of the chalet to do dk what (no purpose) didnt get to come in contact with the sea ))))))): hmmm then went to mac to supposedly eat? hmmm got the sleepy sleepy mood everyone was lyk half dead. :D went back to the chalet to rot AND heng was like the first to sleep followed by gabriel -.- swiss cottage! aiyo! hahas. slept at abt 8 plus in the morning? around that tyme ^^ couldnt open my eyes. before that jody came! hahas yupp and then seoul garden! ok i didnt do much eating and i wont forget serene giving me so much meat! hahas then jody went back :(( later in the afternoon followed aaron weisheng and melvyn when they went to swim with serene DAMN SAD i didnt bring swimming suit. D: HMPH! abt 3-4? april came! hahas but i have to go like at 6. ): nvm! got to see her xD regi was sick D: OKAYY END OF THIS POST! i shall go eat my breadfast/lunch :D bye!


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