Saturday, December 11, 2010


I've decided to save this blog from rotting any further ^^ in any case well just to say I'M ATTACHED! xD well zhijian doesnt have facebook so its a waste of time changing my status! AND I KEPT TO MY END OF THE PROMISE! i didn't take any photos with any guy during prom! well not that i asked anyway so yupp i'm VERYYYYY happy. xp now he owes me a favour hehehe. thats that i cant believe how packed next week is i only have wednesday left thanks to rabbit zhijian mga and my cousins. IM SUPER EXCITED! wedding dinner~ HAHA gosh i'm lucky that no one knows abt zj i dont have to endure any digs during the dinner ^^ anyhow i went for ice skating with the girls on the 5th just before the boring prom on the 6th xD and that was damn fun!!! srry to tw and joei cos you both were falling T.T but it was fun right!? HAHA i think thats the end of my ramble so yeah! i'm update more regularly now that those bitchy exams are over!


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