Thursday, December 16, 2010

Phantom Requiem of the phantom

yupp its an anime this time. XD and its not my favourite genre either (vampire ^^ is my favourite) Anyway this anime goes against the grain of moral values and whatnot that animes usually portray. Assasins. Sounds clinche? i was freaking surprised at the quality of how they drew out the main plot with twists that were pretty much unexpected and its REALLY good how the character developement goes. I simply LOVE cal though she is rather the badass nearing the end of the anime. took me 6 days to finish this cos i was busy with many things. BTW i didnt really said this but my teaching application was APPROVED! HAHA as in relief teaching anw i'm still looking for other jobs and openings of course but teaching is pretty much a good career plus with all the breaks. i'm still interested in dancing of course and i will pretty much go back to dancing someday right now i am thinking if i get any job to pay off my debts and ^^ get some new stuff. DIONNE AH! I OWE YOU MONEY! ahah what should i be doing again? dont know! anyway i'm looking for openings tmr with rabbit! see if we can get any jobs! HAHAHA i'm rambling anyone has any nice anime to watch? by nice i dont mean overly romantic and sad kind of anime. I WANT A BALANCE!!! haha! pretty much demanding i wouldn't blame anyone if you feel like punching me now xD lalala

ps: 4D?!?!?! HAHAHAHA i was really happy to have such group mates nvm if we didnt win ^^ those memories were what we won right?! xD


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