Sunday, April 3, 2011


hello~ first i am super shocked at myself! i went bugis yet i didn't shop!!! drank coffee though. I LOVE COFFEE ^^ haha anyway it was great talking to a crazy rabbit. ^^ i'm shocked i understood what it was saying HEHEHE. woah you wont believe how sweet the milk tea i drank was! i was like pure sugar! DONT DRINK SWEET TALK MILK TEA AT 70% trust me~ WOAH HAHA. i'm happy today but i really cant believe i TALKED for 4 hours! Gossip xD and i dont get why people love key -.- @two fanatics xDD and i need to get my act together. Should i dye my hair black or red? both are my fav colours so i dont mind~ i'm in love with long hair no idea why xD anything else is a secret *shhhhh*
love you
ps: i need to shop soon but i'm broke T.T


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