Saturday, April 9, 2011

Shopping ♥

Pffft! HAHAHA first i have to thank mama for spending so freaking much on me. Not to mention going shopping with me. Well zhijian wanted to see me though♥ HERH mama still more important xD wahaha i got lots of stuff today. most of it clothes. IN FACT ALL OF IT LOL. yeah. :D was at bugis junction just now. hmmmmm. i'm worn out. tmr i'll be rotting at home. oooops ^^ resting at home. lalala. i'm feeling great! In fact i think i'll be looking forward to work on monday! Anyone who has job offers $9/hr tell me! HAHAHAHAHAHA. i feel like going dance to earn money. Stupid but i dont think i can now. Job is office hours. Anyone wants a drink with me?! come find me at tanjong pagar. HAHAHA. Not clubbing though. i'll have difficulties waking up in the morning i bet!

i'm quite sad cos i have nth to do now. HAHAHA but i'm tired. I'll look forward to tonight ^^. Hope he replies~ ♥


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