Tuesday, April 5, 2011

addiction ♥

i have to say~ i'm falling in. AND DIONNE LOH knows all abt it. its like you meeting your ideal. ♥ its not love. i dont know what it is. i want to know more. I'm sure its the start of something. and i hope all these will become transparent soon. i'm wishing the best for a certain someone to be able to be together with a certain someone. and while the time is not ripe, i shall keep my tongue to myself. A SECRET~ HIMITSU :D its fun to be like this! but i'm not gone yet. Dancing is bound to get me addicted again and while my poisonous addiction remains i hope i'll be neutralised in time. I SWEAR I WILL REMAIN SINGLE TILL NEXT YEAR and i will get my treat! xD now i just have to enjoy life and wait for uni! WAIT NO MY JOB STARTS SOON!!! OMG i'm going to buy some stuff tmr. You know i haven't even started working, i can alr see the money rolling into my pocket. can't blame me, i've been broke for freaking long. Now all thats left is that damn uni acceptance.

ps: went to nex today to get makeup materials. wonder how is the dress code like at the workplace. Looking forward to dancing and swimming next week :D


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