Saturday, April 30, 2011


HAHA i am truly. But its good not bad. Today was damn fun♥ went blading SUPPOSEDLY with my colleagues BUT we ended up cycling. Sorry Jess!! not on purpose :p heh heh. But it was soooooooo funny went on a double bike with jess. ITS BEEN SO FREAKING LONG I RODE ON ONE. ♥ awwww and i went on one with my daughter ^^ i liked the air the wind and the atmosphere at ECP. gosh and i didnt realise my daughter acts drunk when hungry! Pack me in a bag and bring me to buffet. HAHAHAHA. Its strange we cant tell when a rat jokes or lie cos he has a freaking serious look. LOL

I'm soooooo sorry i haven been writing bloggie ): i went drinking the other day with the family. xD AND someone failed the dare. LOL But its fun. Everything said will remain as a fond memory (: shall not disclose it here. I LOVE YOU GUYS. including desert at nydc and the girls night out (:

Ps: I seriously NEED and LACK sleep. so goodnight! dont miss me! XD


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