Sunday, April 17, 2011


HAHA yup! i played mahjong threesome today. Planning fail i know because lijun had work and rabbit ditched because of her knee and back problem. Its an old ailment! seriously! But it was nice seeing dar and tomato today! :DD i wont forget the mahjong one lor! Halfway all of us went crazy alr! And it was totally funny! Really! Everytime we go there we just laugh like siao! i think i'll gain weight from laughing too much! HAHAHA i miss jie! ): but she coming around 615 and yy needed to leave at 7 so yeah i know! MY PLANNING FAIL no need to tell me hahaha! hmmmmm... sometimes i wonder why humans cant live alone but whatever the answer is i'm glad i have such crazy bunch of friends around me :D If you want to know why others dont like you, first think what you've done yourself. blaming others will get you nowhere thats what i learnt from all the people around me. Thank god you guys are such a nice bunch! ♥
ps: no one can keep secrets! truly! but its also bad to have so much damn secrets. Maybe the only trustworthy person is my sis. At least she wont tell anyone things i dont want fuckers to know. Haha! gtg! i'll be back soon! i'll blog if i have time next week. AND I DESPERATELY NEED A ITOUCH. right now i'll just save ):


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