Saturday, April 16, 2011


HEH HEH i'm tired out to the max. laughing fooling around, having same age group people around me i feel SATISFIED! :D more than that actually! ^^ i super missed the funny moments last year and the year before. Though not everyone was there(almost though i think. Serene Jody April Caleb Mel yj Aaron Nguan Han Brendan Chia Heng Nicholas Sandra Darryl Jonathan Keith) but it was insanely fun! i nvr had such a good laugh with them for such a long time! today was a blast! ♥ Heart attack! hearts and mahjong! not to mention biking~ ♥♥♥ love you guys!XDD right now i cant open my eyes!pardon me if my typing becomes ahfkbvbdcvyegfdsbc later XD it just means i'm half sleeping. Have to sleep early tmr! i have swimming with a pabo rabbit in the morning. ♥ i'll spam pictures of her in bikini! :D hehe

i'll be waiting to see the girls tmr too! ♥lijun dionne tanwei yanyu! tmr we shall have a rematch! mahjong! :D haha! teach me more! XD i'll be blogging tmr also! Stay tune! :D


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