Thursday, April 14, 2011

Its so hard to find people on facebook! must have their surname etc etc! you just see! i'll find those people! xD Hahaha. Idiotic story i shall forget by tmr! Let them handle it. *sighs* some people nvr do listen do they. I guess its in human nature to do that. I actually am missing the witty replies i got from a certain someone. ): but i'm happy he's enjoying himself and having a break away from work beause his work appears to be very stressful. Today on the train i saw sinyee when i was heading home! ♥chio bu! she's super pretty and i couldnt recognise her at first glace then i was looking and she was looking. so cute right! Haha!

Guess who else i saw on the train??? Samatha with a guy! XD oh btw she's my senior. So surprising right! its like the world is so small. to be able to meet on the same train same compartment. I'm going to pass today feeling happy not angry so i'm alright! thanks for caring ♥

i'm actually feeling quite funny myself. My oic likes to pronounce my name as carol-line HAHAHAHAHAHAHA just pronounce it anyway i dont mind. It only matters with one person actually ♥ I'm sleepy again so i'll end it here. Good night and take care lovely bloggie! :D


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