Sunday, April 24, 2011


Hahah! as the title suggests it was crazy yesterday night. Thank god i'm a girl! HAHA! but it was super fun. Me and rabbit swam first and we WERE the earliest except for travis. :D all aj people rocks! we're punctual! EARLY EVEN! HAHAHAHA. AHEM AHEM except for some indian who came 3 hours late! even later than the VIP. Omg right! Yeah we plotted to sent andrew seah into the pool :D plenty of space for others though *winks* So as you can guess if one grabs hold of anything available who else will go in. HIS gay partner junhao! HAHAHA! gerald went in too. Stella was taking pics and the china ppl who were ACCIDENTLY at the area were cheering for no apparent reason. Anw it was fun. we soaked up the entire place and had ppl calling for security. SORRY DIONNE! HAHA! they made a mess in her house as well. i saw rabbit's chins as well. cuteeeeeeeeee! ;D

been watching animes as well as kept busy working. But i'm totally going to hate it next next week. My colleagues are leaving ): i'm having a headache so i'll probably be sleeping earlier today (: writing because a certain friend here is bored :D have fun reading! I love you lots bloggie! goodnight!


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