Wednesday, May 25, 2011

i'm actually quite tired today :D been so long since i posted xD i have been messaging quite alot lately. totally benefitting with the unlimited sms XD gosh i hate to make major decisions. wtf is wrong with life? i'm slowly changing my perspective of life and i know its my own fault. I'm slowly growing bored of the daily waking up working going out routine. not that the company isn't enjoyable. Just that i want to do sth spectacular :D i'm very demanding i know. Jogged today with toki. more like crapping session though XD oh well its great to actually act on my decision to exercise today i've been getting out of shape ): WAHAHAHA the other day i was shopping with dar~ maybe i'll go again another day. i saw a few things i wanted XD more dresses? though my wardrobe is full of them :p doesn't mean that i'll stop shopping though hehehe. i think i'll accept nus afterall. 1 year w/o life. i can handle that. just fucking get through that i'll be fine i hope.

Ps: missing a certain someone right now. make a smart guess?


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