Friday, May 6, 2011

Celebrating facebook! CHEERS

hehehe it's a lame topic but i'm tired and full :D the worst combination. HAHAHAHA i loveeeeeeeeeee today =D saw jiejie in suchhhhhhhhhhhhhh a long time. HAH i met rabbit on last sun. yy on last fridayyyy and tw on the mahjong so DAMN good to see jie again. EVENTS are fucking hard to plan i realised. ppl will tell you they cant go and its some here some there. :p but i love to get together just chill and talk xD maybe i should get a car to mbs on a side note HEHE. In any case. I dont feel the need to dwell on unhappy things awwww, today was fun keke~ FB is freaking nice to use for coordinating and for communicating with friends! BUT its sad because most of the guys online are gone. NS HAHHAHA. i feel evil laughing while they're suffering but i'll be wishing for their good health and that they can endure the training well (: JIAYOU GUYS! yeahhhh

ps: NTU SENT THAT SNAIL MAIL ALR! YAY!!! now i have to choose which course and school i want. NUS OR NTU?! i'll still be doing engineering. But different kinds of engineering. wahahaha. i'm sleepy. GOODNIGHTY BLOGGIE!


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