Monday, May 2, 2011

You know i think you should stop finding pretty excuses for yourself and just speak the fucking truth. Stop being so hypocritical in front of others. It's not as if people really dont know abt you. You dont even want to bloody try so just stop what you're doing. IT IS FREAKING ANNOYING. Of course, you'll pick people who DONT know that side of you. BUT eventually they'll know. Keep hiding your true self. ITS PLAIN PATHETIC. I'm really sad for you right now. Sad because i didnt realise it earlier. If i did i wouldnt have bothered even talking to you.

Everyone is appearance oriented. its not as if i didnt know that. So instead of being such a fake bitch just go get yourself a bf if you're jealous. I'm sorry i sound like a bitch myself but go get a life, instead of lying your way through everything. I rest my case here. I hope your life will improve for the better.


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