Thursday, May 12, 2011


i have a freaking fetish with this sign lately ^^v stupid sibyl being the one to use it on me first. HAHA but i loveeeeee the moments with her like super relaxed and laidback. i likey~ met yy for lunch today! and i was lateeeeeeeeee thanks to a certain member of mine today. Xp Was stranded at esplanade yesterday when i was on my way to mbs ): HAHAHA in the end jasper had to take a bus down to esplanade to find me. FAIL i know ^^v but at least i had haagen-dazs! yup mostly catching up. super random stuff happened when i was at City Hall, a woman walked up to me and asked me whether i wanted to try modelling. -.- like wtf obviously i'm alr working right since i'm only there at 6 plus. In case you're interested the name is CreateTalents & models go google it somewhere. i have the namecard so contact me if interested. LOL. Two of my colleagues got together like FINALLY! i knew they were interested in each other! ^^v feels nice to be one of those first to know. Thanks guys! especially my daughter! have to be happy kay! though i'm unhappy abt the bridal gifts HAHAHA. will be looking forward to the weekends (it's freaking packed!) :D

ps: i hope i find someone that doesnt mind the way i look :D


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