Sunday, May 29, 2011

today was a great day again! i woke up alive at 12.30 hehehe dad's not nagging at me. awwww had a blast with jie last night. ICE CREAM!! <: thinking of it makes me desire for more xD OH GOD i love crapping with jie AND next time i'll so pay for you! xp always always making me owe money! pfffft. Waaaa maybe next time save go kbox tgt! since she's going taiwan soon :D too bad no suju to stalk there HAHAHAHA. i'm loving my family which is growing?!?! OMG! hahaha three daughters and one brother, one son-in-law, one dad, one annoying doggy and then one god daughter?!?! xD thank god no one questions the link or i also dont know how to answer. But it was fun playing around and relaxing just for a while. My conversations with woody green are also getting super fun. (HORNY?!) lately not me i mean HAHAHAH assuming what i think is correct anw. stupidity is sometimes a welcomed shield since he hides behind that BLUR image i cant do anything abt him ^^v oh well. i've gotten addicted to this sign!!! something mel pointed out today not that i can do anything abt it hohoho. today's post is long *stretches* i'm in an extremely generous mood now. kekeke just having random conversations with rabbit makes me want to laugh at the phone -.- stupid later my sis think i'm crazy xD just pointed it out to her that she's laughing to the comp :p so much for trying to get her to spill the beans on things she's not telling hehehe nvm i dont care much :) just the fact that she's happy with tery is good enough for me. xD THATS IT! I'M ENDING THIS IN ONE MORE SENTENCE.

ps: no place is heaven without you, just like how hell is heaven when you're by my side :D

goodnight bloggy!
hehehehe caroline here going crazy!!!


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